Traditional window cleaning

Even with the most advanced pure water fed pole window cleaning systems, occasionally windows such as some doorways and all internal windows still need to be cleaned with more traditional methods. Here we see the traditional tools in the hands of our experienced window cleaners, the result, an outstanding finish. Just part of the service we offer.

Water-fed pole

With the introduction of new laws in the UK (working at heights 2005) window cleaners should work without the use of ladders where ever possible. Water fed pole systems feed pure water from ground level up to the window, the water is then brushed on the glass. Because pure water will want to return to its naturally impure state it will then strip the glass and frames of any dirt, the windows are then given a complete rinse with the pure water. The windows are left wet but the water is pure, so when the windows have dried they are completely clean in fact the windows are left sterile.